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Passenger Rights

About Us

Our Vision
Becoming a brand that has adopted total quality concept,is known and trusted by its service quality in Ukraine market. 
Our mission
To be the best company to flight in Ukraine
Create a globally recognized Atlasjet brand
The Highest quality service,economic price
Use the advantages of technology to serve our passengers
To establish a very well respected, developed in all fields and to carry out improvements, using the advantages of technology to serve our passengers. 
Who are we?
Atlasjet Airlines has been established on March 14, 2001 by Oger Holding A.S., licensed to carry out “Passenger and Cargo Transportation on Unscheduled Flights, Domestic and International and has carried out its first flight on June 1, 2001 in Turkey. Atlasjet Airlines started with two aircrafts of the type Boeing B-757-200. In September 2001 a third Boeing B-757-200 was added and in July 2003 the total number of aircrafts our fleet comprises was increased to four in Turkey. 

Following the latest macro developments in the travel and aviation industry, which had spreads over the entire globe, Atlasjet has changed its stance toward expansion as an IATA member airline, by increasing its domestic and international flight numbers by 75 to 80 % in the short run. 
The decision taken on 2010 in order to increase the network and capacity to serve more people in close regions of Turkey under the high standarts of Atlasjet Airline, Aircompany Atlasjet Ukraine LLC. has been found in 2013 for scheduled domestic and international flights, Atlasjet has taken  AOC   on 02 April, 2014 in Ukraine
The aim of our services is...
to improve flight and ground safety to the highest level, to achieve customer satisfaction and continuity, to increase efficiency, to take into account human factors, job security and environmental values, to establish superiority of timing with our operations, to achieve continuous development in all processes. 

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